November 29, 2009

I arrived in Istanbul at about midnight, which was near 2pm my time. The Jetleg is killing me so far, but I plan to stay awake all day so I will be exausted by tonight. Then hopefully I will sleep the night through and wake up in the morning full of enery. Last night I was in-and-out of sleep and this morning I feel like it is just aproching bedtime. The rain started the moment my plane landed and has been pouring for the last twelve hours, the first rain in months for Isatnbul, and it is the Portland curse that came with me. Recep was calling me “The Man Who Brought The Rain”. It is so awesome here. Recep has a new apartment right on the Bosperous and it has a wonderfull view of the bridges. Today I plan to rest and maybe go for a wlak around the new neigeberhood.


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