Just the Beginning

January 31, 2010

Lately I’ve been thinking about how much people throw their lives away. Be it by a single chose they decide to act upon, like drugs or rebelliousness. Or be it by another, far worse, decision. The decision to spend their life trapped. Trapped in a lifestyle, one that they did not create or see as the best possible option for their own character, but rather forced and pushed into that lifestyle. I see this as the ultimate way to throw your life away, day by day, month by month, passing by you with out your acknowledgement. I have realized that I have my whole life ahead of me, with far more things to do then I have time, and with too many plans to get my self imprisoned into a lifestyle that is not of my choosing. It is a shame to be jailed by a capturer, and even worse if you do not resist, but it is grand embarrassment to imprisoned by your own hands.

Tunisian Awakening

January 30, 2010

Tunisia was a journey. It was the furtherest I have ever been from home. And I don’t mean that in terms of distance, but in the way of culture. I experienced a way of life so different from my own that it opened my eyes to change my ideals of the importance of the small stuff. The world is so large, with so much to see, and there is no time to carry around the worries of the always expecting society that holds on to your ever action with it’s constant judging. Man was not created to be held down. Humans are nomadic creatures that need to roam.


January 17, 2010

In just seven short days I will be in Tunisia. For the first time in my life I will stand in the continent of Africa. The visit will be no more than a week, but I’m sure it will be a wonderful experience that I will not soon forget. The Grand Mosaics and the ancient lost city of Carthage are on the top of my list. But I will not past up the opportunity to swim in the Mediterranean, which is I’m sure warm even in the month of January.

Night Life in Istanbul

December 2, 2009

The day seems to start in Istanbul at night. What I mean is that Istanbul has one of the largest up and coming Night Lives. People don’t start coming out until 1-2 in the morning. Recep and I went to the Red Carpet movie primere that he was invited to last night. In order to go to this occasion you needed an expensive suit, and of course I hadn’t packed one. This was my first time in a full suit, I felt like I was in the secret service while we were walking through the city streets on our way to the event. It was an interesting experiance.
I also got word that on December 24 we will be flying to Paris. We will stay there for both Christmas and New Years.


November 29, 2009

I arrived in Istanbul at about midnight, which was near 2pm my time. The Jetleg is killing me so far, but I plan to stay awake all day so I will be exausted by tonight. Then hopefully I will sleep the night through and wake up in the morning full of enery. Last night I was in-and-out of sleep and this morning I feel like it is just aproching bedtime. The rain started the moment my plane landed and has been pouring for the last twelve hours, the first rain in months for Isatnbul, and it is the Portland curse that came with me. Recep was calling me “The Man Who Brought The Rain”. It is so awesome here. Recep has a new apartment right on the Bosperous and it has a wonderfull view of the bridges. Today I plan to rest and maybe go for a wlak around the new neigeberhood.